16 November 2011


I'm writing this post for my husband. If he were a writer, he would be filling this blog with posts of sweetness.

He would tell you about his "Big Girl Owl" and describe his interactions with her as "Daddy Owl."

Sure I am "Mommy Owl" to Amelie, but my imagination hasn't allowed me to flap my wings and hoot around like Daddy Owl does with her.

Daddy Owl loves mornings when Big Girl Owl finds a perch on the bathroom counter just in time to help him shave. She eagerly points out any leftover shaving cream behind his ears or under his chin. And when the work of shaving is done, the two of them move on to picking out his clothes.

When they emerge downstairs, Big Girl Owl proudly points out the shirt she picked out for him and they smile at each other knowing what the process entailed to find that perfect shirt.

He pours his coffee, grabs his coat and gives everyone a kiss goodbye. He's ready to leave when Big Girl Owl reminds,

"Oh Daddy Owl, I forgot to give you a hug."
"I will miss you so much Daddy Owl."

I hope she doesn't see me gagging out of the corner of her eye. Daddy Owl sees and agrees with my assessment of the sickening sweetness of it all, but we both know he is soaking in this time.

How long will she be Big Girl Owl before she turns into Teenage Owl? I doubt Teenage Owl will grab her daddy and hold him with so much intense adoration.

And so I smile and share the moment with him. Someday when our interactions with our Amelie need a little sweetness, we will spoon this memory out and remember the relationship of Big Girl and Daddy Owl.

01 November 2011

Case solved

The word up and down the street alerted us that a criminal was on the loose. To gather all of the clues and solve the case, we sent our best secret agents to find the perpetrator and bring him to justice.

They went from house to house, enjoying the clues given to them along the way.

Our favorite girl spy lost her hat and moustache, but she remained super sneaky.

At one point, the leads directed them to a pair of spooky pumpkins.

After an hour, they wore him out and he could run no more. Our secret agents put the clues together and solved the case to find the baby who stole mommy and daddy's hearts.

He was disguised as a pumpkin.
Case solved.