24 July 2013

The posts I would have wrote

Beautiful beautiful summer, why are you slipping away so fast?

The posts I was going to write this summer were along the lines of

"A whole summer ahead to spend with three of my favorite people"

"A beautiful wedding joyful and special that united Becky and Dave"

"The stubborn daughter who refuses to participate in organized activities"

"Hours and hours planning for a Grecian dream trip."

"Canning 101: my attempts to be a pioneer woman"

"Talking - voted overrated by my two year old."

"Ditching Direct TV and switching to "Ropegoo" (Roku) the best choice ever according to Asher."

"Boxes and boxes of hickory wood flooring arrived. I cheered while Walter sighed."

"Mom is dreading the start of school more than the kids."

These posts almost made it into this blog, but the summer continues to escape from us and I have adopted the spirit of lazy summer mornings.  I'll be back when the muse inspires, but until then, I'll rest knowing our summer has at least been captured in headline titles.