23 October 2012

Life's best

The end of October and the sun shines in my window like it did in July. But now the leaves of the Ash tree out my left window lie on the ground and the tree out my right window sways with yellow and red leaves.

Hand me a bottle so I can capture this brilliance. 

If this sun were the one of March or April - filled with hope of much more to come I wouldn't be so nostalgic to see it.  But this is the sun of October meaning this appearance must be one of her last for the season.

Life's best always seem even better when they are about to end.

On Labor Day weekend, we soak and splash in the pool like it was the first time.

In the middle of August, we sleep as long as possible (well I do anyway) and plan hours of nothing before hectic schedules begin.

We stay up late talking on the last night because there will never be another night like this one.

And really isn't the last bite of pie the best one?

I held Asa early this morning before we turned the lights on and felt the weight of his body bearing on my arm. At 18 months, Buddy Boo really can't be called a baby anymore. His legs spilled off of my lap and I could just barely bring back the feeling of holding his teeny tiny body for the first time. We sat while I watched Asher and Amelie scamper back and forth in the hallway between their rooms. Watched Amelie dress herself. Watched Asher actually initiate inviting Amelie into his room. 

There is no end in sight for this busy hands on stage of parenting, but everyday marks the end of one phase or another.


10 October 2012

Thank you for success!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I am so thankful for everyone who participated in Supply Ziway by donating school supplies for kids in Ethiopian schools. This past week the bags of supplies were passed out to each student in Ziway and Adami Tulu Ethiopia!! 

Looking at their happy faces assures me that the effort to get the supplies there was absolutely worth it.  Who doesn't love a new box of sharp crayons? Just looking at the color choices inspires even me, a professing craft failure to want to draw. For these Ethiopian students, they get to experience this probably for the first time in their lives. What a joy!

And I am thrilled that they get to have those moments of joy and happiness.

But what I really hope the bag of supplies shows to the students is more than excitement over new crayons.

I hope they realize there are people who care about them.  We live far away and can't reach out and physically hug them or change their tough life experiences.  But we care. We pray for them asking most of all that they will feel Jesus' love but also that He will provide for their basic needs.

Within these little bags, I hope the students also understand the value of the education they are receiving.  I can't send enough money to build them all nice homes or feed them nutritious meals, but I want them to know that if they continue persevering in their studies they can find a way to make a better life for themselves and their families through education.  Reading, writing, learning English and math skills, all of these will be their ticket for a good future.

These deeper truths will last long after the pencils and crayons become nubs.

Thank you so much for joining me in expressing love and hope to Ethiopian students!