24 March 2009

12 March 2009

I think he's ready!

Within the first month of seeing two lines on the pregnancy test stick almost four years ago, I had purchased crib bedding, nine months worth of maternity clothes, and researched the perfect stroller, car seat, and even baby monitor.

Within the first month of seeing two lines on the pregnancy test stick last summer, I again became conscious of my diet, cherished free moments when I could squeeze in a nap, and thought about how Baby's arrival would affect Asher.

For many reasons, this pregnancy has been night and day different from that first time around. I am so excited to meet this little wiggly person, but this time most of my preparations have focused on getting Asher ready to meet Baby.

We had a lot to work on. After many prayers and mommy/daddy to son heart to heart conversations, I now believe that the addition of another child will not result in eternal resentment from our oldest son.

Within the past three months we've been able to transition from calling the nursery Asher's "other one room" to "Baby's room."

Although he still roars like a dinosaur and flaps his pterodactyl wings around babies who are sitting on his level, he no longer declares that he will "throw that baby away."

When we walk by the church nursery, he now will acknowledge that area as the room for babies rather than shouting that there are too many babies here.

And most entertaining of all, crazy rock star Asher now looks at babies as a captive audience who will watch as he performs on his guitar.

So with one week to go, I think our little boy is ready to become a big brother!

03 March 2009

Birthday Contentment

Although Asher's big day of turning 3 started off a little rough, it all ended well.

After protesting, he did give in to wearing the guitar shirt and hat he had been so excited about wearing for weeks.

He did get to eat M&Ms on top of his guitar birthday cake.
And he was satisfied with the cow cuckoo clock (whew!).
Another year of birthday success!!

02 March 2009

Birthday Disappointment?

I certainly don't believe kids should always get everything they want. If Asher asks for a shot gun when he is 7, or a motorcycle when he is 16, or even a dog next year, I doubt I will rush to fulfill those desires.

But today he will experience for the first time not getting the birthday gift he has faithfully asked for. Every time we've mentioned Asher's birthday, he talks about getting a "ding" clock. He insists he wants a clock just like the one we regularly stop to watch at the library that faithfully dings at the 3, 6, 9, and 12. The spot in his room is even all picked out for this "big" clock., It will go next to his cd player and by his guitar. He is looking forward to then being able to watch it when he takes a nap.

Every other time he has asked for something so persistently we've gotten it for him. We were happy to oblige with the guitar for Christmas. However, we did have reservations about giving our son cleaning supplies for his birthday last year when Walter was thinking more along the lines of a basketball hoop.

Purchasing a grandfather clock for our son's bedroom really isn't an option though. First, that would empty the birthday budget for quite some time and second I would like my son to sleep again rather than be woken every 15 minutes when the clock dings.

And so...today I am concerned that his third birthday will always be remembered as the day of disappointment. Just like when I didn't receive that real Cabbage Patch doll that I wanted, or when the real baby I wanted didn't come when I planned.

Learning how to handle disappointment is an important part of a contented life. As I was just studying, the Israelites came to a point where God had enough of their grumbling and rebellion. Despite all the warnings they received not to rebel and to trust him for provision, they continued to doubt and firmly believed what they wanted was the best.

Ultimately that led to them not being able to enter the Promised Land but given a destiny of wandering in the desert for the rest of their lives. Even then, when God told them they couldn't have the land, they continued to believe they could take it anyway. When they tried to fight their own way into the land, the inhabitants easily beat them in the attack and even more Israelites were killed.

God knew what was best for His people then and He still does today. He understands what will bring us lasting joy and knows the things that will ultimately be destructive to our lives.

When Asher outgrows a love of clocks in a few months. When he is in a rested happy mood rather than being woken every fifteen minutes, I hope Asher too will understand that mom and dad are loving him best for his birthday by not giving him a big ding clock.