16 February 2012

Things that make me smile

I'm back and hoping to be back more frequently, but life is life and I'm embracing what it is and at this time not what my vision for it would be.

I've accumulated a image gallery of things that have made me smile in the past few weeks and I'll share them here with you.

Proof that my little girl is bookended by two smaller boys and one boyish daddy. Wielding a sword before her first birthday and regularly requesting her brother to fight with her, I love that my little sweetie does maintain girlish loves as well. And so it is no surprise and yet completely shocking to see this T-Rex serving as a holder for her Hello Kitty necklace.
My Superbowl contribution! I didn't invent this tasty cupcake, I found it somewhere here online with all the inspirations I intend to do someday!  I love the smile it gave to everyone who saw it and I loved even more the tastiness of buffalo flavor, blue cheese, and hot sauce infused cake.  My new Superbowl staple!

And finally these chairs. I don't ever want to forget these chairs.

You might wonder what is out of the ordinary, but I will point out that the closeness of the two is no accident. I usually sit on the left chair and Amelie sits on the right.  I start off breakfast or lunch a reasonable distance away from  my girl, but as soon as she realizes where she is, she hops off her chair and pushes her stool into mine until they are lined up and touching all along the seat.

It actually drives me crazy since she often wiggles herself onto my chair entirely and being a right handed eater, I have little room to feed myself or reach for a drink.
In the moment I get annoyed. But in the big scheme, I love it. Love that she wants to be "right next to you."
These are the things. The things that make me smile today!
Take a look around. Be a stranger in your home and find the ordinary to you but unusual to the world things that make you smile.