23 April 2012

Now he is one.

Happy Birthday Buddy Boo!

Asa's tight lipped smile lights up his whole face. This same smile has wished me many good-nights as I've tucked blankets over his little body. A sweet smile and then the two fingers quickly find their way into his mouth. The contentment of a sleeping baby.

Whenever he spots a ball, the smile reappears.  He babbles "Ba ba ba" and I can not resist finding yet another type of ball to put into his chubby little hands.

This year of cuddling and carrying and yes many moments of crying is transitioning into exploration, enjoying and even less times of crying. Not a baby but a toddler, how does it go so fast?

He is a sweet gift and today we celebrate our first year with Buddy Boo.

05 April 2012

Amelia Island

Sunrise from our deck.
I want to share a hundred pictures with you. From these pictures I'd love for the sun, relaxation, and giggles to ooze out and fill you with joy the way we were filled last week.

Mostly of beach scenes, running down the boardwalk, crabs, clams, herons, turtles, and even a striped snake, these pictures reflect a spot of time very well lived.

The pictures are of my sweet family and their unique ways of spending days with no agendas other than enjoy.
Of Asher karate chopping at waves, yelling at them to stay back.
Of Amelie clinging to Daddy in complete trust of his ability to keep her safe.
Of Asa stepping in sand for the first time and his fasincation with the swirling water at our feet.
Of Walter and his delight in spending time with the kids on the sand and in the water.
Of me living in time minus a list - knitting, reading, having an opportunity to enjoy my own children.

I can't share them all with you, but these are a few.

Our only family picture of the trip! Yummy gourmet cupcakes we made 6 last over 4 nights.

Kids on the beach before sunrise the first day! They couldn't wait (neither could I!) 
Love introducing babies to sand!
A rare moment of Asa sitting on the sand.
Daddy loving his kids.