15 May 2012


He never had pulled mint, parsley, and almonds from any one's skin before.
That's what the Prompt Care doctor told me after I tried to blend my finger. 

I've been trying to think of a more clever way to describe my dumb mistake, but haven't thought of anything that doesn't make my stomach queasy whenever I say it.  Anyone who has been around while I've cooked knows I love my immersion blender and use it multiple times a day. I make babyfood, smoothies, creamy soups, and in this case, pesto. Now I've used it to mangle my finger.

I tried not to be wimpy, but really that's what I am when it comes to blood. I pass out and screech before you even touch my wound. When my kids forget and attempt to grab my hand, I jump back like a wounded tiger and I'm amazed at such intense instincts to protect my body.

I've kept a list of things index fingers are really good at.
- serving up cookie dough for a little taste taste
- scooping mystery objects out of little mouths
- wiping yogurt off of baby's faces
- tying a bow
- holding down squirmy babies during diaper changes
- providing a handle to hold during learning how to walk practice
- typing on a keyboard

I'm getting my stitches out today so I'm hoping to ditch the bandaids and rubber gloves and get back to using this finger for its regular duties. 

Those duties will no longer include cleaning an immersion blender while blending.

Here's to novel advive of unplugging appliances before cleaning them!