26 September 2007

Asher's Bedtime Prayer

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for bringing Daddy home in time to read me bedtime stories tonight. He is so much fun. I had such a fun time today with my babysitter Bekah and my "cousins" Abby and Owen. Thank you for them.

I am excited to go to mommy's mom group tomorrow and play with the other kids. Please keep them from wanting to go down the slide so I can go up and down the whole time by myself.

You know I really like Winnie the Pooh. Please convince mommy to let me watch Pooh tomorrow and also I pray that she will take me on a walk tomorrow!

Help mommy to be patient with me when I throw my food and need to have lots of time-outs during supper. I just really don't like carrots (or noodles, or chicken, or even my spoon!).

Thank you for my friends and family who live far away. Please let them know how much I love and miss them but that you love them even more!

21 September 2007

Random September Questions

Why is it 90 degrees at the end of September in the year when our air conditioning system broke down after Labor Day?

Why does my son love bacon but refuse to eat other kinds of meat?

When Jesus was a little boy were the parents of his friends constantly wondering, "Why can't you be more like Jesus?"

Why don't those actuaries who grade actuarial exams have some grace and just pass everyone to relieve some of the studying pressure?

How long will Asher love helping mommy water flowers and look so cute while doing it?

14 September 2007


Here are ten addictions that people in our household have. Take a guess as to who is addicted to what.

1. Winnie the Pooh show
2. Raisins
3. Writing in this blog
4. Eating ice cream every evening
5. Falling Asleep with a Pacifier, Blanket, Roo & Roo Roo
6. Daily Sudoku
7. Fantasy Football
8. Daily Internet Chess Puzzles
9. Saturday morning Coffee Hound ritual

Some of these have become a big obsession lately to the extent that we wake up from naps wanting to enjoy them. Anybody know of a local WPA (Winnie the Pooh Annonymous) chapter?

10 September 2007


I had a flashforward and a flashback this morning with Asher at Kindermusik. It was our first time in this music class and for one of the activities, the teacher allowed the students to have "Freedance." This meant they could move in any way they chose while music played.

The other six or seven kids in the class were having fun swaying, jumping, running, hopping, skipping... and my son was leaning against the wall for the two minute duration of the song sucking on his finger and watching the action. Walter and I predicted this would probably happen, but as he clung to the wall, I imagined him in junior high at his first dance in a very similar position keeping the wall from falling.

Being a good mom, I thought of how I would react to a this type of situation and then had this flashback to my first junior high dances when I spent the evening holding up the wall. I have confirmed with my husband that he too was a wallflower.

Like parents like son!

05 September 2007

Kansas City

Over Labor Day weekend, we visited Walter's family in Kansas City. While there, we left Asher with Grams and Grandpa for a night and stayed downtown near the Plaza to celebrate our Anniversary - It will be 4 YEARS tomorrow!

The hotel we stayed at was perfect and the rooms were just my size! Well ok, those are actually called "milk rooms" where they used to store milk in this old apartment building turned hotel, but it makes me look tall, right?

Asher had a fun time with Grams and Grandpa and we got to swim for one last time of the season in their neighborhood pool.

It was a great long weekend away. We had a lot of fun visiting family, but after watching Asher fight sleep for 5 hours on the car ride home, we really were happy to see this.