27 February 2008

We Escaped and We're Back

We just got back from Florida where we truly had a (much needed) winter escape. For the first day, I laid in the bright sun and soaked in God's warmth. It was exactly what I needed.

Its nearly impossible to get a good family picture, where Asher is looking at the camera, but here is an attempt.

The beaches we were at had a crazy number of shark's teeth. We now have a little collection with every size and sharpness. Walter really liked looking for them and could have done that for days on end.
I was happy because I read a whole book and it was such a good one. I read lots of sections of it outloud to Walter and underlined most of the rest of it. We don't have any pictures of me reading, but at least the book (in orange) is in this picture!
Last year when we went to the beach, Asher picked every grain of sand off of his legs. This year, he at least would walk in it although he often wanted to be carried. He did like playing in the sand, with the shells, when daddy held him in the waves, and when we swam in a calm area with no waves. One of his favorite things though was getting to have peanut butter and jelly for lunch every day!

Ahh...the simple things in life; sharks teeth, a good book, and peanut butter and jelly. May we continue to celebrate life even through blessings and cursings.

08 February 2008

Big Boy Crib

This little boy obviously thinks he rules the bed and naptime. Since we took the rail off of Asher's crib this past weekend, we have been working on helping him to realize he does NOT rule at naptime. This afternoon I decided to keep a log of what exactly happened as I attempted to get Asher to take a nap!
Here he is with everything in place for sleeping Pacifier? check! Blanket? check! Roo Roo? check!

1:07 - Laid down for a nap
1:09 Sitting up in his bed ready to jump out.
1:10 Heard me coming and jumped back in bed
1:12 Physically laid Asher back in bed and removed the Winnie the Pooh blanket he doesn't like so he would lay his head down. (His socks are off now)
1:13 & 1:14 - Laid him back down
1:18 Standing up in crib, reminded him that he could have a heart cookie after he took a nap.
1:29 Asher asked for a diaper change, but with a quick smell check it doesn't appear he needs one. He's now talking about a heart cookie
1:34 Standing up asking for a heart cookie
1:36 Sitting up asking for fan on
1:40"Done sleeping, heart cookie"
1:44 The CD he has listened to every night before bed since being home from the hospital almost 2 years ago has ended, crying starts
1:47 - 1:49 Crying for music to be on
1:50 Laying with head half way off the bed
2:02 Almost ONE HOUR! Feet banging on crib Talking to Roo Roo
2:18 Quietly sitting in corner of bed
2:21 SLEEPING AT LAST!!! (One hour and 14 minutes - not bad compared with earlier this week!)