18 June 2009

A boy, not a Person

When is a person not a person?

When he is a boy, of course!

Yesterday Asher and I were having an in depth discussion about whether or not I am a person. I informed him yes, mommy is a person. Then we were trying to figure out if Daddy is also a person. The conclusion to that question is that no, daddy is a boy and boys are not persons.

I guess in a way he's right. Daddy, a boy, is much more fun than just a regular person.

A boy sits in a tree for an hour pretending to be a bird with his baby bird son. A person stays in the house.
A boy sleeps on an air mattress on the front porch answering non-stop questions from his hammock swinging son during a boy's night camp out. A person gets a good night's rest in her comfy bed.
A boy excavates dinosaurs on the dining room table. A person worries about the mess all that excavating will create.
Although he might not understand them, a boy can handle the emotions that cause girls to scream and fuss. A person simply puts the girl to bed.
As Father's Day approaches, Asher, Amelie, (and me) want to thank Walter for being a boy and not a person!

We love you!

11 June 2009

Call me a fortune teller.

Almost ten years ago, I predicted my parent's future.

When they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, we threw a great party for them. As part of the dinner entertainment, my sister, brother, and I performed a song depicting what we believed their life might be like in the future.

And the crazy thing is, that song filled with far-out ideas such as mom and dad living in a far away country is more true than I would ever have believed.

The one part of what I wrote that is least true out of all of the outlandish ideas I introduced is that they are not missionaries on a Caribbean island, but in Ethiopia. Somehow, I missed that vision!

We sung a song of mom pulling mango bars out of the oven. Maybe she doesn't make mango bars, but mom can whip up amazing treats with unknown ingredients while the electricity fades in and out!

Becky was coming to visit them in that song we sang ten years ago, and Becky is actually preparing to travel to Africa in a couple of weeks.

There is one piece of the song that I wrote so long ago which has taken place this week in a almost to the letter manner of accuracy. My dad has started writing a book and has been sending it to me in chunks for editing. I believe in my song, I implied we were faxing the book's edits back and forth, but maybe that will be the next step as his writing is becoming prolific.

Anyone want to see in to their future? Just let me know and I'll write you a song!

After thousands of years of events unfolding according to His sovereign plan, without missing an iota of accuracy, does God feel so excited when plans unfold just as He knew they would?

02 June 2009

Tree Climber

Three years later...

Camping Fun

There's nothing like the smell of campfire to start the summer off right! We had such a fun time camping this past weekend with some good friends. By going at this time, we gave Amelie some bragging rights. She will always be able to claim that she is the youngest member of our family to go camping. Asher went when he was about 3 months, and Amelie went at 2 1/2 months. She's got him beat and was a very happy camper!
There aren't a lot of places to lay a baby at a campsite - especially one covered in poison ivy! But she fit just perfect in this chair!

Fireman Asher is very pleased to report that our fire remained only in the firepit. He was a good marshmallow roaster but was most excited just to be near a real fire!

He was also thrilled to be in a sleeping bag. If you ask him his favorite part about camping, he'll flip flop between roasting marshmallows and sleeping in the tent!

The one thing Asher would not say was his favorite part of camping was our little hike. The whole time we hiked, he talked about the mud on the trail making him "very angry." He also insisted that we should get lost in the woods.
As much fun as camping is, it is exhausting! Both kids were happy to sleep in the car while we put away all of our gear. Fun times!!